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AWS makes COVID-19 datasets freely available

AWS COVID-19 data lake makes regularly updated and curated COVID-19 datasets available to anyone with access to an AWS account

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How smartphone apps could save lives (and the economy)

By enabling daily self-diagnosis, contact tracing and research, smartphone apps could be the key to quickly beating the coronavirus -- but there's one problem.

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Not all AIops tools are created equal

These tools can solve multicloud complexity issues, but they use very different approaches


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What’s new in Angular 10

Development of the next major release of the popular Google-created web framework is under way

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Coding together apart: Software development after COVID-19

Distance collaboration may become standard practice, aided by group collaboration tools

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Is your data lake open enough? What to watch out for

Like yesterday’s data warehouses, today’s data lakes threaten to lock us into proprietary formats and systems that restrict innovation and raise costs

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What’s new in Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.44

Microsoft updates Visual Studio Code monthly. Keep track of the latest new features and improvements in this changelog

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CheerpJ Java-to-JavaScript compiler boosts exception handling, native methods

Working from bytecode, the CheerpJ compiler converts Java clients to HTML, JavaScript, and WebAssembly

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Nextstrain seeks JavaScript developers to combat COVID-19

The creators of a visualization tool to track disease movements need programmers to handle high-priority problems

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COVID-19 is accelerating CI/CD adoption

Companies recognized the need to improve their development workflow years ago. With developers forced to work remotely, they’re finally moving


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AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: Which free tier is best?

Every major cloud provider has a free tier, but some offer more free services than others. Here’s how they compare

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Visual Studio Code extension flags NPM vulnerabilities

Open source Snyk Vuln Cost scans JavaScript packages from NPM for security vulnerabilities as you code

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Docker's Compose specification is now an open standard

Docker’s system for creating applications from multiple containers is now available on GitHub for all to contribute to

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Inside Microsoft’s latest OS: Azure RTOS

Microsoft’s family of operating systems now scales from the smallest devices to hyperscale clouds

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Utilities get cloud computing religion

Electric utilities are finally embracing cloud computing. Good thing, since their market will be more dynamic than most in the years to come